Upper East Side Acupuncture, NYC, Specialists in Infertility and Pain

Eileen Zhaoyang Chen, LAc

Eileen Chen graduated from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982 with a BS in Chinese medicine. Following graduation, she was appointed as an associate professor of the prestigious Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai. Since coming to America in 1989, Eileen Chen has had enormous success in treating a wide variety of illnesses, drawing praise from her patients and colleagues. She has taught traditional Chinese medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and herb medicine at the Touro College Graduate Program of Oriental Medicine in New York City. She was also supervisor of the acupuncture detoxification program for a non-profit organization in the Bronx. She also holds a Masters degree in Psychology and a Doctorate of Oriental Medicine Research Advancement.

Eileen specializes in treating infertility and pain syndromes. She has over 25 years of clinical experience and has helped thousands of patients with a wide variety of ailments. Her treatment philosophy focuses on reducing stress, improving blood flow to damaged organs, and restoring hormonal balance.